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Illa sends Aragon’s 43 proposals by letter to address at the dialogue table between Catalan parties

The first secretary of the PSC, Salvador Illa, has sent this Wednesday by letter to the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragon’s, 43 proposals to address at the dialogue table between Catalan parties that he asks the head of the Catalan Executive.

آئی ایس پی آر

This letter comes after this Wednesday Illa once again called on Aragon’s to open this dialogue between Catalan formations and the president has summoned him to present a proposal of topics to be addressed.

Thus, Illa has sent this letter in which she defends that “dialogue is the instrument in democracy to build consensus, build agreements and advance shared solutions”, something that she sees as essential in times of uncertainty and complexity, as, in her opinion, currently live.

Illa has sent to Aragon’s a document with 43 measures that she already transferred to him at the meeting they held on February 16 at the Palau de la Generalist

He considers that it is up to the President of the Generalist to lead this dialogue and has pointed out that in the first meeting the work methodology and the issues to be dealt with should be addressed, “in accordance with the proposals” that each group puts forward.

The socialist leader also expresses his “sincere, loyal and frank commitment to opening a dialogue between Catalans” and recalls that there were already two meetings of this type in the previous legislature chaired by Quim Torra and that both the ERC and the PSOE committed to promoting a table of Catalan parties in the investiture agreement of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

Thus, Illa has sent to Aragonès a document with 43 measures that she already transferred to him at the meeting they held on February 16 at the Palau de la Generalist, in which she defends that Catalonia needs a “change of course, which pivots on three great axes.

three great axes

These three main axes are “prosperity for all to reverse the scars of austerity”, fairer regional financing, and better self-government based on dialogue, negotiation and agreement. 

Airport and Olympic Games 

In the 11-page document, the socialist leader is committed to transforming the Barcelona-El Prat Airport into a “true international ‘hub'” and for a candidacy for the Olympic Games. of Winter, in both cases with criteria of environmental sustainability.

In addition, it is committed to promoting a Catalan electoral law and a local government and financing law to “restore the principle of mutual trust broken with local administrations, and make the Government act with loyalty and transparency” through this new regulation. CCMA AND 

Illa proposes a reform of the Administration of the Generalist and its public sector ; “reestablish the public service mission of the media” of the Catalan Corporation de Mirjana Audiovisuals (CCMA); promote the modernization of Justice, and promote a comprehensive law of historical memory of Catalonia.

The leader of the Catalan Socialists also calls for a plan to deal with home occupations, work to guarantee security in neighbourhoods, towns and cities, and improve the financing of Catalan universities, and the universalization and free education of 0 to 3 years. 

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