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Calciomercato Juve, as the new revolution in the Juventus home is expected

Juventus transfer market : during this summer session there are many questions that the fans are starting to ask about the new revolution that lies ahead at Juventus. The last two years have disappointed a lot, both in terms of the game proposal and, above all, in terms of archived trophies.

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The initial project

Arrivabene ‘s words some time ago foreshadowed a revolution that would put the new signing of the Juventus transfer market in the winter session, Dusan Vlahovic , at the center of the project . The investment that made it possible to bring home one of the most promising talents on the European football scene was certainly important and, in reality, represented almost a bolt from the blue not entirely desirable even by the most dreamy and optimistic fans.

In fact, the idea of ​​the management and the expectations of the fans and the Juventus community were centered on a revolution that could bring to the court of Max Allegri a series of young talents not yet fully expressed. Basically, the idea was to significantly reduce the salary cap and avoid spending sprees also with regard to the values ​​of the tags.

The change of course

The purchase of Vlahovic represented a significant change of course, probably dictated by the crisis of play and results that even foreshadowed the failure to qualify for the next group stage of the Champions League. The fear of losing the important (and now essential) revenues of the Champions League has led the management to make a really important sacrifice, paying out about 70 million and offering a contract of 7.5 million a year net to the Serbian talent.

The qualification to the champions, which then arrived without too many worries, did not change the Agnelli’s mind, as the first objectives of the summer transfer campaign were none other than Paul Pogba and Angel Di Maria , not exactly two emerging talents with accessible salaries.

Latest Juventus transfer market

But now, what is the goal and the idea of ​​the management? focus on young talents , perhaps even Italians, or rebuild a team of champions that can immediately return to winning and maybe aim again to get as far as possible in the Champions League?

The almost certain arrival of Pogba (faded instead of Di Maria), certainly sets the stage for the arrival of a new leader who is able to replace Paulo Dybala . The lack of technical leaders has made itself felt in recent years, after the farewells of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain, Mario Mandzukic and most recently those of Dybala and Chiellini.

Surely the intent to (re) bring Pogba home can certainly be understood as an attempt to increase not only the technical rate but also the level of personality, charisma and leadership in the group, seriously deteriorated during the last periods. The general idea, however, should remain around a rejuvenation of the rose, thinking above all of the strong interest in Giacomo Raspadori and Nicolò Zaniolo .

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