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Venezuelan coach relationship with Teófilo Gutiérrez have come to light.

Now that the departure of the Venezuelan coach from “Azucarero” is almost a fact, details of his relationship with Teófilo Gutiérrez have come to light.

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The departure of the Venezuelan coach from “Azucarero” would be very close to being announced and many are already analyzing why it is due. Precisely for this reason, they revealed that, despite the triumphs they achieved at Deportivo Cali, the relationship between Teófilo Gutiérrez and Rafael Dudamel would not have ended well.

Rafael Dudamel is no longer in Cali:

Although Deportivo Cali has not officially confirmed it, different sectors of the press very close to the club already assume that Dudamel will leave. The main reason for his departure, of course, is the poor results achieved after being crowned champion of the BetPlay 2022 League.

But that would not be all, because the DT made it clear that he did not like the hiring of Ítalo Montaño and this fell very badly on the board of directors. Immediately, Dudamel would have been summoned to a meeting, in which it was defined that he will not continue in command of the team.

How did the relationship between Dudamel and ‘Teo’ end?

Once it came to light that Rafael Dudamel is no longer in Cali, the members of the ESPN Colombia channel’s “F90” program discussed it. Martín Arzuaga took the opportunity to ensure that the Venezuelan group management was one of the factors that caused the poor results.

If there is a coach who knows the idiosyncrasies of Colombian soccer, it is Rafael Dudamel, for how many teams were ‘Rafa’ here… He knows what the idiosyncrasies of Cali, Cali itself, and the American are like. Having one behavior as he has had, does not speak very well of him.

Besides, he comes from failing, because he only spent five months at Atlético Mineiro. Something inside of him must be wrong. Yes, we saw it in the Venezuelan team, which had enormous growth… So something must be happening.

Group management is very important. Group management is very important nowadays.

Cali gave him a human talent with these players and today he is broken. They want to correct everything and, for the good of Cali and its heritage, well

Arzuaga’s words resonated among his teammates, which is why they asked him if Dudamel’s relationship with Teófilo Gutiérrez, captain and referent of the ‘Azucarero’, ended badly. Without hesitation, ‘el Torito’ assured that yes, very striking words because his closeness to some coastal players and references to Junior, such as ‘Teo’, is well known.

Yes, as far as I know, yes. For many things, not for regionalism.

‘Teo’ is a guy who likes to win and he knew how important a (Jhon) Vásquez was, not to mention Ortega because he came in and out. But if a Jhon Vásquez, who was an accompaniment of him and those who led the offensive of Deportivo Cali.

He saw that the relationship was deteriorating

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