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The 5 TV series to see absolutely: complete guide

By now we are inundated with platforms that offer an infinite series of titles and we no longer know where to put our hands without the risk of being disappointed. In this guide we will see the TV series to see absolutely all in one breath, without running the risk of running into some much acclaimed headline but which then does not respect our tastes and expectations.

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TV series to see absolutely

We wanted to include a list of the best 5 TV series to watch and available on the various pay TV platforms such as Netflix, prime video and Sky. Not knowing the tastes of our readers, we have chosen the series that, regardless of any particular preference, cannot be missing in your memories.

  1. Lost
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Desperate Housewife
  4. Squid Game
  5. Gomorrah


The order in which we wanted to illustrate the best TV series to watch is completely causal, so we do not believe that Lost is in absolute first place among the TV series not to be missed, however, in our opinion, it is one of those that certainly not it will make you fall asleep on the sofa. At times dramatic and sentimental, ending in a wave of science fiction and thriller: Lost has made originality its trademark and has become by right one of the best TV series in the world thanks to the interpretation of Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austin ) and the other castaways desperately looking for an escape route from that island which later became a real obsession.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy on the day we are writing this guide has even reached its 18th season, above all thanks to the enormous success achieved by the most famous band of trainees in America and by the leading actress who plays the role of Meredith Gray.

Desperate Housewife

Desperate Housewife is another masterpiece that will not disappoint even the most skeptical of a genre that combines drama and comedy at the same time. The lives of the six housewives of Wisteria Lane, a fictional neighborhood in the fictional city of Fairview, revolve around dramas, loves and murders hidden in a certainly original atmosphere.

Squid game

Squid Game is a new Netflix TV series and it too represents an absolute novelty in its genre. It is about a shady organization that has devised a sneaky game in which people gripped by debts and a life reduced to the pavement will have to participate. The cash prize is very tempting but, for those who fail to win, the penalty will be a brutal death.


Last but not least, it is impossible not to mention the Gomorrah series made up of 5 seasons, one more exciting than the other. The series tells the story of the most powerful criminal and mafia organization ever in the world with a script, direction and interpretation of applause. Our list of the best TV series you absolutely must see has come to an end. Now, the choice is yours!

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