What Are The Top 3 Movies Not To Miss? 249

What are the top 3 movies not to miss? A Beautiful Mind, Shutter Island, Parasite

When you are looking for a movie to see, the choice is never easy, little because of the wide choice that you can usually have available between the various Pay – TV platforms (Netflix, Sky, Prime Video, Disney + etc ..), partly because of the fear of running into a film that can disappoint expectations is great. For this reason, we wanted to draw up a ranking on the best 3 films not to be missed ever, so as not to take any risks.

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How to choose a movie

In choosing a film, tastes are obviously fundamental. From drama films to thrillers, from romantics to comedians, from adventure to science fiction: genre is a very important requirement for a film to be truly thrilling or not. Another factor to consider is the presence or absence of an actor/actress of international rank. Even if it doesn’t represent a mathematical certainty of the success of a film, often the presence of a great actor or actress who has achieved recognition in the past can already be a great starting point.

The film is not to be missed

In this list, we wanted to include some Colossal that have obtained important awards and others that, despite not having achieved objectives of this genre, were considered by film critics to be real hits both for the screenplay and for the potential interpretations. Oscar-worthy of the protagonists.

  1. A Beautiful Mind

  2. Shutter Island

  3. Parasite

The first on the list we wanted to include is “A Beautiful Mind”, a now iconic piece of cinema history that contains the drama of John Nash, Nobel laureate in economics in 1994. Affected for several years by a syndrome of schizophrenia, the genius mathematics is told in all its non-conformism thanks to the brilliant direction of Ron Howard and the interpretation of Russell Crowe, who became popular thanks to another Oscar-winning interpretation in “Gladiator”.

In second place we find among the films to see absolutely a work by Martin Scorsese which presents a truly exciting thriller to keep you glued to the sofa at home. Even in this circumstance, it is no coincidence that both the director and the leading actor (Leonardo di Caprio) are iconic characters in the world of cinema.

In third place, we wanted to include a film not to be missed but at the same time quite unexpected. Bong-Joon-ho is the director of a Korean film that has won applause from world critics thanks to a perfect mix of thriller, drama and comedy with unexpected implications. We include it among the must-see films for the sheer originality of this work of art which garnered six awards in 2022 for Best Film, Best Foreign Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Production Design.

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