Axel Kicillof fires in the league of governors the implementation of a universal basic salary

The issue was not discussed, but there are more cautious leaders who admit that it is an economically unfeasible chance at present

CORDOBA.- In the midst of the internal turmoil of the Frente de Todos and the demands of the governors gathered in the League, alleviating the effects of inflation scales in importance. The leaders admit that there are no longer any extra contributions that can be made to reduce the impact of rising prices on income. Ten days ago they began to propose – promoted by Cristina Kirchner – the decentralization of social plans and, a few days ago, Axel Kicillof from Buenos Aires began to insist that a universal salary would be better.

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The idea is not new; the vice president herself shuffled it at her time and took it up again a few weeks ago with her relatives – among whom are Kicillof and Capitanich – after criticizing the handling of social plans by La Rosada and her allied social movements.

In parallel, the deputies who came to their positions as referents of those sectors asked to debate the project that already exists. The legislators are Itai Hagman, Natalia Zaracho and Federico Fagioli, from the Great Fatherland Front, led by Juan Grabois ; Juan Carlos Alderete and Verónica Caliva, from the Clasista and Combative Current (CCC); Leonardo Grosso and Eduardo Toniolli, from the Evita Movement of Emilio Pérsico, and Natalia Souto , from Barrios de Pie.

The proposal that Kicillof slipped with his peers in the “league” is that the Universal Basic Salary could reach some 7.5 million people and coexist with the Universal Child Allowance ; it would replace the social plans. That is, there would be more beneficiaries with less money . There are no details of what conditions would be required.

In the League there are governors who are convinced and others who are but take distance from President Alberto Fernández and do not have a direct line with the vice president either.They have not yet debated the idea of ​​openly supporting the idea of ​​a universal salary, a source confided to LA NACION and added that they know that Minister Martín Guzmán’s “no” is already there .

“It’s a way of keeping alive the debate on the plans and their management ,” said the minister of a large Peronist district. There are no fiscal margins to seriously discuss this initiative, beyond the political will that some may have. It is a debate for stable economies.” The speaker does not know what public position the governor will take from him.

Beyond the coincidence of the leaders that the current situation puts Peronism at risk of retaining the provinces it has today, there are several – Omar Perotti (Santa Fe), Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos), Sergio Uñac (San Juan), Arabella Carreras (Río Negro) and Oscar Herrera Ahuad (Misiones) – those who are less radicalized in their proposals.

That group is the same one that makes “noise” -as defined by a referent- expressions such as that of the Buenos Aires minister Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque , who considered that “the moderate phase is exhausted” . They do recognize that, at this point, there are no longer any chances of “mediating” for the President and the Vice to get closer. Larroque had also spoken of the universal basic salary: “It would imply a greater investment but it is not something disproportionate.”

The economic measures of the last days of the Government also made the governors recognize that they had expectations in what Daniel Scioli could do as Minister of Production. “In two weeks he was blurred; that shows the speed of the crisis”, confided a national legislator very close to his president.

For the economist Jorge Colina, head of the consulting firm Idesa, such a proposal is “unfeasible”. “Not even the countries that have stability discuss it. Argentina cannot do it with a primary fiscal deficit that today is 4% and we do not know how it will end, “he told this newspaper and trusted that the governors” do not press to achieve it because it would be destabilizing.

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