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Cairo Egypt’s first net-zero city in the world

Focus everything on artificial intelligence, on passive strategies, on the health and well-being of citizens, to build the first carbon neutral and net zero energy city in the world

The NexGen concept was developed by the URB team

( – A city built from nothing, capable of producing more energy than consumed, food and water security, and promoter of a new type of ecotourism: NexGen.

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The concept was developed by the designers of URB based in Dubai, led by their CEO Baharash Bagherian, an architect committed to the development of multiple sustainable solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

From what is learned, NexGen could be built near the city of Cairo in Egypt, extending over 5.8 million square meters. It will host over 35,000 residents within its 9,000 housing units, examples of efficiency and quality. It will be a point of reference for ecotourism and health, investing in all technological sectors that make it possible to improve human life, while respecting the environment.

Creating next generation Net Zero cities that provide food, energy, and water as security is no longer a choice… it has become a necessity. NexGen is the next evolution of sustainable cities that provide innovative multifunctional solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges, setting the highest standards of sustainability for building resilient and Live cities, ”Bagheria comments. Although not easily replicable in any context, given the extension and the link with the desert, the project could provide some valid food for thought or best practices to copy.

Designing a carbon-neutral city

NexGen makes the most of the potential of passive construction solutions, carefully studying the orientation, density, and shape of buildings. Reduce consumption and maximize environmental gains without spending too much.

The planning of what is to be the first carbon-neutral city in the world is far from approximate. The plan includes a real sustainability manual divided into the categories in which the design will have to act in favour of the city. Water, energy, waste, food, mobility, health and well-being, pollution, green and blue infrastructures, and employment. Taking all these elements into account from the early planning stages, NexGen has been developed to the highest sustainability standards. The technologies listed are numerous, obviously starting from the solutions that supply the city with 100% renewable energy.

Tolosa the most sustainable city in the world built from scratch

The water system provides a series of channels for the recovery of rainwater, the minimization of water waste with the recycling of the water of the apartments, and water gardens both to promote biodiversity and to mitigate the climate. And again, the NexGen designers talk about an advanced system for urban agriculture. All the food necessary to meet urban needs will be produced, thanks to vertical farms and agrotechnology that reduce waste.

Light mobility smart city

To be carbon neutral, the city will have to almost eliminate cars, relying only on e-cars and focusing entirely on collective and cycle-pedestrian transport. Artificial intelligence will also be an integral part of NexGen. IoT, sensors, and super intelligent software will collect citizens’ data in real-time, consequently modifying some active strategies. From turning off the lights in the empty room, to the automated collection of waste after receiving the notification from the bin itself.

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